The US president welcomed the decision of the Supreme Court about same sex couples now can get legally married in any of US countries, and also called that decision the victory for America. The US Supreme Court voted in middle 2015. year that same sex couples have the right to marry in all US states, thereby nullifying the laws of several states in which was still banned marriage between persons of the same sex.

However, the judges have voted that the Constitution guarantees the legal process and equal protection for all people that were invalidated by laws in some states which haven’t allowed same sex marriage. At the point of entactment of the law same sex marriage was legal in 36 US countries, so it was very big shift in US policy about sexual freedom. So, that 26. Of June 2015 will be remembered as the date of great win of the freedom, because thousands of gay people finally get the chance to act like normal people in their surroundings, without insecurity, so the decision clearly accelerated the community strenght all across the USA.

gay-wedding-cakeThe court decision also stated that previous prohibition of same sex marriage was serious and harmful legal violation of the basic principles of democracy and freedom in the USA and that it brought a lot of damage to people for last 20 years of LGBT fight for the rights. Basically, the state was about that the imposition of such inability to gays and lesbians only serves to make them belittle and subjugated in comparasion to „ oridinary“ people. Now there is amendment to the Constitution on the right to equal protection, as well as the amendment on the right to legal process, prohibit such unjustified violation of the fundamental right to marry.

However, altough now the same sex marriage is constitutionally guaranteed, years must pass so the conservative souther residents accept this law as part of the Constitution. Feel free to contact  here for more advice.